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Geneva Watch Days: the New Watch Releases and the Hottest Trends – Chrono24 Live Ticker

By Chrono24

Chrono24 takes YOU to Geneva! We will give you live updates of the newest watch releases and the hottest trends.

Update Thursday, September 1st 

 The Alpiner Extreme Regulator: a watch made for extreme conditions 

At Geneva Watch Days 2022 we’ve seen a lot of smaller-sized models so far. Not so Alpina’s Alpiner Extreme Regulator. A remake of the famous regulator watch from 2005 known as the Avalanche Regulator, this new version comes with a robust 41-mm case separating the hours, minutes, and seconds and an in-house automatic movement.   

The Louis Erard X Label Noir regulator: three shades of black  

Louis Erard and the Geneva-based custom atelier Label Noir have also presented a regulator, but one decidedly distinct in style from the Alpina. This watch comes in three shades of black: a matte black case with a small hour dial in a glossy black that really pops, and minutes and seconds dials in brushed matte black. The brand wanted to design a dial that presents the right order for reading the time.  

Update, Wednesday, August 31st

Bitcoin, universe and metaverse: Jacob & Co. goes virtual

If you hear about watches called Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars, you immediately have the MoonSwatch series in mind, right? Jacob & Co. has created its own planet-inspired timepieces that take their inspiration not only from the universe but from the metaverse as well: The Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are unique physical pieces, but the brand is also selling 50 virtual pieces with the same design. The Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are only available as NFTs.

What’s more: Jacob and Co. has presented a watch that is fully dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin. This timepiece comes with Bitcoin-related features in its vertical and rotating manufacture movement. The model is limited to 25 pieces and can be purchased in the cryptocurrency of your choosing.

A watch without hands: Trilobe’s novel approach to dial design

Geneva Watch Days isn’t just for classic brands. New watch brands are also taking part, such as the Paris-based brand Trilobe. Together with a Swiss watchmaking manufacturer, Trilobe have created a special movement that comes without hands. Instead, the dial consists of three different moving dials that show the hours, minutes, and seconds. “This movement is very versatile. We have already created two series of watch models with it and each has a different look,” explains Emilien Robert, watch designer at Trilobe.

Update, Tuesday, August 30th  

A diving watch designed by a Thai artist: the new Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide 

Maurice Lacroix is known for its famous colorful dive watch collection Aikon #tide, made of ocean-bound upcycled plastic combined with glass fiber. At Geneva Watch Days, the brand presented a new and even more colorful version of this watch, with a dial designed by the Thai street artist Benzilla. The new special edition is already sold out.  

The Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide Benzilla

If you like a classier looking watch, the brand also offers models in dark green and black. The straps can be changed in just a few clicks.  

The new green Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide
The new green Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide

Has HYT created the brightest watch in the world?

HYT impresses the public at Geneva Watch Days with new creations like the Moon Runner White Neon, made of a new hyper-luminescent hybrid ceramic and a new luminescent material called Tec Light.® You’ll never get lost in the dark with this watch.  

The HYT Moon Runner White Neon shining in the dark
The HYT Moon Runner White Neon shining in the dark

Urwerk: A timepiece to explore the limits

With the new UR100V UltraViolet, Urwerk has once again created a futuristic timepiece with a satellite time display and some other exceptional features. A white rubber strap ties this beauty to the wrist of its owner, highlighting the light titanium case even more. The color of the case not only gives it its name but lends the watch a deeper, even philosophical, meaning: “The color spectrum visible to the human eye ranges from red to violet,” says Martin Frei, Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Urwerk. “Ultraviolet light on the other hand is a wavelength we can no longer detect – it shows us our limits, a boundary. Everything beyond that remains a mystery.” 

One of the most innovative complications: Krayon watches  

Have you ever wondered what time the sun rises, then looked it up on your phone? Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a watch complication that showed you the exact time of sunrise and sunset, no matter where you were in the world? Rémi Maillat, who founded Krayon in 2016 and won the GPHG for the best watch innovation, has created one of the most innovative timepieces of Geneva Watch Days 2022. “You can adjust the month and date, and then you can read the exact time of sunset on the dial, any day of the year,” the watchmaker explains. It works for one place at a time. “It’s not like a GMT that can show you different time zones,” says Maillat. “If you move, for example, from Europe to the United States, a watchmaker needs to adjust it, but after that it will be correct as well.”  

Monday, August 29th

The new Czapek Quai des Bergues  

Watch enthusiasts know Czapek & Cie. for its Antarctique collection. But the independent watchmaker is using this year’s Geneva Watch Days to revisit one of its classic models, the Quai des Bergues, with the modified movement SXH1. “When we released the Antarctique, with its lacy bridges and complex architecture, people were amazed,” comments CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel. “So we realized we had to harmonize all of our movements along those lines.” The new Quai des Bergues L is available in green and blue and is not part of a limited production. “We actually plan to produce more watches than we used to,” says de Roquemaurel, “because the waiting lists, especially for the Antarctique, are getting too long.” 

A new idea, a new brand: Byrne Watches  

A dial a day. That was John Byrne’s idea, and it took him and a Swiss watch movement manufacturer over three years to develop a new watch complication. Every midnight, the four indices at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock change their appearance in the blink of an eye. The design of the indices depends on the customer: “We have some designs that we usually produce, like Arabic numbers changing to Roman numerals. But some of our customers even put their own designs on the dial, which could be a symbol, or a flag, basically anything,” explains the designer and founder. Geneva Watch Days is Byrne’s first time presenting his watches at an international watch event.  

Diving with patina: the new Doxa Army  

Bronze watches have become increasingly popular, especially after Tudor released the Black Bay in bronze in 2021. But could you imagine a functional diving watch made of a material that’s famous for looking used after just a few months? Doxa took on this challenge with its new Army model on a green strap. “The bezel is made of bronze and, as you know, it’s one of the most important parts of a diving watch. The reception has been very good so far,” explains CEO Jan Edöcs. For those who like a diving watch with a classier look, Doxa has also released a stainless steel version with a black bezel. 

MB&F: Two stunning new models in the EVO Collection

The next tennis match or a dive in the pool? No problem for the two new MB&F models presented at Geneva Watch Days. The Legacy Machine Split Escapement EVO, first introduced as a limited edition for the United Arab Emirates’ 50th anniversary, is now available in icy blue and Beverly Hills editions, the first of a series of upcoming limited editions. Both watches feature the EVO case developed for everyday living. This includes water resistance to 80 meters (7.8 bar, 262 ft) and special shock resistance technology. “I had the pleasure of testing the new model during my holiday,” explains Charris Yadigaroglou, Chief Communications Officer at MB&F, “and it was a fantastic companion throughout the whole day – from the beach to the more elegant occasions.” 

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