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New York Get Together 2023 and ChronoPulse launch

By Chrono24
New York Get Together and ChronoPulse Launch

New York Get Together and ChronoPulse Launch

It’s been a while since our last Get Together in one of the world’s most exciting cities…four years, to be exact. We were thrilled to announce at the end of September that we would be back with our Chrono24 Get Together in New York City. A perfect venue was found, invites were sent, some final arrangements were made, and on October 19th, it was time to kick things off. 

For those of you who couldn’t attend, and those lucky enough to enjoy the evening with us, we put together some of the nicest snapshots to commemorate the event. 

The Location 

It’s not easy to impress New Yorkers, but this venue did. The evening took place in the Campbell Apartment, a bar and cocktail lounge at Grand Central Station, and a popular place for commuters and other folks on the go. It was transformed for the night into the place to be for watch enthusiasts. 

The place was packed and buzzing with good energy.  

The Campbell Apartment was the perfect spot to sip an amazing cocktail, take in some tunes, and talk about the topic that brought us all together. 

Horological Chatter 

Watches…what else? But hold on just a second. Sure, we had fun twisting and rolling our wrists, awestruck by the watches worn by others, perhaps even hoping to own the same models ourselves one day. This evening was even more special for us, as we proudly launched ChronoPulse, our brand-new watch price index.  

ChronoPulse is a feature developed by various departments in our company, together with watch industry experts, to give watch enthusiasts and collectors a transparent overview of the sales trends of 14 brands and 140 watches.   

The People 

This was an evening to celebrate and rub shoulders with others in the watch community. In attendance were Eric Wind, Jack Wong, and Dr. Brendan Cunningham – three of our four industry experts who helped create ChronoPulse.  

Tim Stracke, Chrono24’s Co-CEO, took the opportunity to welcome and thank them, along with everybody who participated in this project.  

Four years is quite the stretch of time…and we missed you guys. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with our community – new and familiar faces alike – to talk, laugh, and be part of this memorable evening.   

Thanks to everybody who attended the event. We hope you had a blast, and went home with a big smile on your face…and your next grail watch on your radar.

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