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The Love We Share: The Pleasure of Wearing a Casio LW-204-1AEF

By Barbara Korp

My very first watch, my first “expensive” watch, my first Rolex… Watches have been a constant in my life for some time now, and I’ve experienced a lot of big “firsts.” Even so, the watch that excites me most in my collection also happens to be the cheapest. Yes, I’m looking at my plain rose gold Casio mounted on a black plastic strap. Read on for a very pragmatic tell-all of why I love this watch above all the rest.

The Watch

There’s not much to say about the watch itself: classic Casio. Thanks to its rose gold-colored case and black strap, the watch pairs well with most things and yet still adds a little spark to the outfit. It has a digital time and date display, a workhorse of a battery, the ability to set an alarm, and while not officially waterproof, it can certainly survive the shower and swimming pool. Signs of wear? Plenty. And there are certainly more to come in the future, but I really don’t care because that’s literally what Casios are made for.

Simpel und doch genial: Casio LW-204-1AEF
Simple yet brilliant: the Casio LW-204-1AEF

The Purchase

I bought this watch because I fancied it – or maybe I was just a bit bored. I was on vacation, taking a stroll around town, and there it was in a display window. The shop was open, the price was low, and the purchase process was a cinch. I put it on my wrist and it looked great. Within minutes, I was out the door.

Nicht jede Uhr eignet sich zum Spontankauf im Urlaub.
Not every watch makes a good vacation impulse buy.

No waitlist, no overthinking, no careful saving – none of that. Just a straightforward impulse buy of something I really liked. This is a watch that I simply wanted because I thought it would add a little more beauty to my life – there were no downsides!

The Feeling

I am surprised again and again by how comfortable this watch is. It’s the lightest watch I own, and I can barely feel it on my wrist. It’s just so easy to wear. Plus, the aesthetic keeps growing on me. Thanks to its rose gold color and black strap, it even looks good with finer attire, adding an eye-catching modern touch to any ensemble.

Of course, it suits more casual clothes and jeans and a T-shirt down to the ground. The watch looks ready for an adventure, but is also classic with a feminine touch. There are few watches that are this versatile. I feel so carefree with it on my wrist; no fear of scratching it, losing it, or damaging it. If the worst were to happen, I could just buy another for the price of a dinner out.

The Pros

I initially bought this Casio as a vacation watch. I thought it would be that watch I could wear for any occasion when I didn’t want to wear an expensive watch for fear of theft or damage. But I soon realized that it could do so much more. It’s extremely accurate and doesn’t require setting, even after weeks of being shelved. Plus, it’s relaxing to wear. I don’t have to ponder its amazing complications or think about its story. Plus, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. I don’t know if it’s due to the watch’s appearance or my ability to wear a Casio as elegantly as a Rolex, but I always get a lot of positive feedback when this one is on my wrist.

The Realization

Just a few weeks after I purchased my Casio, I found myself reaching for it more and more, and even started wearing it to work. At first, I thought I was trying to stay in vacation mode, but then I began to realize, no, it was the watch itself. It turned out not to be just a cheap leisure watch, but one that I valued and loved as much as any of the other timepieces in my collection.

Schnell entwickelte sich Barbara's Casio zu einem Daily Wearer.
Barbara’s Casio soon became a daily wearer.

The Love

Realizing that I loved my Casio just as much as my Rolex Datejust was a surprise to me, too. After all, I hadn’t been on a waitlist, saved up for it, or even chosen it with much care. But then again, that’s what makes it so special. It reminds me of how easy buying a watch can and sometimes should be! No waiting around, no repeat visits to the boutique, no hemming and hawing about the model or purchase – just a seamless, quick buy.

It also reminded me of how easy wearing a watch can be. This is a timepiece I can wear anytime, anywhere, without worry. I don’t feel frustrated if I accidentally knock it against a wall or table. I never have to contemplate taking it off while cooking or doing any other activity. Even though I wear each and every one of my watches, I must admit none are worn with as much ease as my Casio – and it’s a great feeling!

Was sie für Barbara so besonders macht? Sie erinnert an die Leichtigkeit und den Genuss ihres Uhren-Hobbys.
What makes the Casio so special for Barbara? It’s a reminder of the ease and enjoyment of wearing a watch.

Last but not least, it also serves as a reminder of how lighthearted and pain-free the watch hobby can be. It doesn’t always have to be a hunt for more, more, more. You don’t only have to seek out the most expensive, most exciting watch that you have to wait ages for. No, you can also find joy in simplicity, in the here and now, and surrender to the pure lightness of being. No need to wait, no need to worry, no need to strive, just pure pleasure.

Final Thoughts

My Casio will always hold a special place in my collection. This isn’t just because it’s accompanied me on many memorable moments already. The main reason is and always will be that it reminds me that watches should be fun and worry-free. While I may forget this from time to time with my other timepieces, the Casio will bring me back to the basics. And for me, a watch can have no better function than that.

About the Author

Barbara Korp

The moment I learned that watches were a lot more than just simple jewelry, I was hooked; I become enamored with the elegance of timekeeping. But there was one small hitch: most models were just too big for me to wear! That didn't discourage me, however. In fact, I developed quite a niche interest.

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