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Sell Your Watch to Chrono24

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  • Receive your money in just a few days
  • Free shipping
  • No additional fees
Receive your money in just a few days
Free shipping
No additional fees

How selling to Chrono24 works:

  1. 1.  We will analyze your watch's information and send you a non-binding offer within 1-3 business days.

  2. 2.  If you decide to sell us your watch, shipping is completely free of charge. We will provide you with a pre-filled UPS shipping label.

  3. 3.  As soon as your watch arrives, our experts will conduct an inspection.

  4. 4.  Once it has passed this inspection, we will transfer the purchase price directly to your bank account.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

You'll benefit from quick and easy sales processing when you sell your watch directly to us. Plus, we offer fair, market-driven prices based on a large number of listings for comparable timepieces.
Zeitauktion GmbH handles the entire purchasing process. Once they receive your watch, it will be checked and evaluated by experts. Zeitauktion is a renowned watch dealer that buys and sells luxury timepieces from several well-known brands. If you have any questions or concerns, the Chrono24 support team is always available to help.
You will receive a quote within 1-3 business days. Payout usually occurs 1-3 business days following receipt of your watch.
We are currently buying a number of models from various manufacturers, including timepieces from the most popular brands. If you'd like to see whether we are interested in buying your model, you can do so here. The link will forward you to a form where you can provide more details about your watch, upload photos, and request a quote.
It is 100% free to receive a non-binding quote for your watch.

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